The beginnings of a beautiful relationship
August 16, 2011, 11:18 am
Filed under: applications, admissions and other such stuff

You’ll have many relationships in your lifetime, some great, some good, some not-so-good… some will leave their mark, some will change your status, some will last a lifetime and some will expand your horizons.  Choosing your course of study is potentially the start of one of the best relationships of your life.

This particular period in university life is an odd one, most students have yet to return and staff are using up their remaining holiday before term starts in earnest in mid September.  Sounds relaxing you might say? Ah but alas, Clearing is taking place, the scramble to find last minute places.

For anyone not familiar with university admissions, students apply between September and January. There is then a long period of matching up students with places which is a bit like matchmaking – what are you looking for? Who can you give you what you want?  Then we have ‘the long wait’ before the results hit the door mats – or mobile phones if you’re that way inclined (although hopefully they come on the same day this time) and hopefully lots of happy endings.

However there are inevitably candidates who don’t quite achieve their target grades or perhaps change their minds which opens up some spaces and this is where Clearing starts.  Now it’s very much a case of speed dating as applicants search the web for suitable vacancies, contact the university and try to secure their spot.  It works well, though it has its dangers – not least the temptation to accept any offer on any course just to make sure you have a place.  Just remember – if you’re going to spend three or four years studying, you want to make sure it’s the right course for you.

So with Clearing well underway it’s a matter of trying to get ready for the new academic year. Those of us who have already returned to the campus are keen to see the students and faculty back filling the halls.  Peace and quiet is nice for a change but Abertay is good at being busy and we’re ready for that to return.

It’s exciting to think that throughout the country about half a million young adults are preparing for the next stage in their life, and we’ll be playing a part in that!  Bring it on!


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