They’re Here!
September 14, 2011, 5:18 pm
Filed under: Observations and general wonderings

No, it’s not the despairing cry as guests arrive early… It’s Welcome Week for new students!

I’m calling it Welcome Week because the name changes between different universities and the name can sometimes be a bit confusing. Induction Week? (Am I being induced or inducted?) Orientation Week? (Sounds like a “This way up” sign for students, though one or two students might need that after a night out!). Freshers Week?  (A promotional week in the food department of a supermarket?)

In fairness, whatever the name, the aim is the same – to help new students feel at home.

On Sunday thousands of teenagers suddenly found themselves in a strange place and knowing no-one. At the same time a similar number of families suddenly found they were childless and began to worry how their offspring will get on. The good news is that virtually everyone successfully adjusts!

I still remember those first few moments in a room on my own wondering if I’d done the right thing, but I soon met other students who felt the same way. Soon we were so busy to mope, though at times we had to make an effort ourselves (for example, going along to events we knew we wouldn’t like because we’d never tried them! Often we were surprised.) The university does its best to arrange activities to help you find your way about and to help you get to know your classmates too. The student union and various clubs also arrange a series of social events (though I personally have better things to do after the hour of midnight!). You’ll soon make strong friendships, and I’m still in touch with a number of the friends I met in those days.

Pity the poor parents though! Phone bills will rocket as they check up to see how their children are getting on.  It does take time to adjust and let them go (and to readjust to the chaos when they return for the holidays!), but it does have benefits – no more piles of dirty clothes scattered about the house!



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