The giant awakes!
September 28, 2011, 5:33 pm
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Suddenly university appears to spring back to life – not that it’s been asleep for four months! As I said in an earlier posting, a lot of hard work goes on during the time students are away. The rumblings started last week when over a thousand new students arrived, but now everyone is back and the place is full once again. This has its drawbacks with corridors crowded with students wanting to get into lecture rooms and clusters around notice boards trying to work out where they should be. It’s quite a problem if you’re late for a lecture!

My first lecture was 9 o’clock on Monday morning with the first years – a definite shock to the system, for both of us! I hope the lecture came up to their expectations. The first part was administration about the module, not so interesting but all necessary information. The second part was a series of case studies showing good practice and bad, and pointing out that I don’t expect to read about any of them in the newspapers for bad practice!

In the afternoon I had the honours year. In just nine months’ time they’ll be going out with their degrees into a variety of jobs. I think it’s also coming home to them how quickly your time at university goes. Make the most of it while you can.

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