“Is Mine There?”
December 5, 2011, 11:33 am
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‘Oooooooh!’ Do you ever get excited by an email? Most of them are pretty boring, but I got one today! ‘Your UCAS forms will be available …’ It made my fur stand on end! It’s the start of the new applications!!

The first thing I did was to look and see how many we’ve got, which courses they’ve applied for, and where students have applied from. Of the 100 in so far (well, 98 to be scientific) it’s good to see that about a third are from outside Scotland. Of course, it is early days and there will be nearer a thousand by the end of the year, but it gives an early indication of how things may go.

If you’ve applied to uni you may be thinking ‘Is mine there?’, or ‘What happens to my application?’ Well, it will very much depend on the university. Some process applications as they arrive and others wait till after 15th January, so you never know when you might hear. Firstly your form will be checked and entered into the university’s administration system. If there are any discrepancies (for example, if you’ve ticked that you’ve got a criminal record) these will be sorted out. Then the forms are passed to the Admissions Tutors and we read all your personal statements and references as well as looking at your qualifications. It’s then a matter of deciding who to make offers to. Of course, we don’t know who will accept our offer so we have to try and judge how many offers to make, based on previous years.  It is hard work (an awful lot of reading and checking!) but it is fascinating to read about all the different things you’re involved in.  It’s also very important to try and help you get on the course that’s right for you. I reckon it’s one of the best jobs in the University!

Anyway, hopefully you’ll soon be seeing your offers appearing on UCASTrack.


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