Mind the Gap!
December 12, 2011, 4:51 pm
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We’ve had a few applications this week wanting to defer to take a gap year. Is a gap year worth it? Well, it all depends on you! Sometimes a gap year might even be better than staying on into sixth year, but in other cases you might be better going straight off to uni. One danger of a gap year can be that you get out of the routine of studying and it takes time to readapt to learning again. I did have a gap year and I think it took most of the first term to really get back into studying. But a gap year can help you mature and get more out of university.

There are two main reasons people want a gap year – to earn money, or to spend it! A year working can certainly help your finances and might mean that you’re less dependent on a part time job. Other students want to roam the world, or to give a year to charitable causes, or sometimes a bit of both. Whatever you do, make sure its something you’ll look back on and say “I’m glad I did that”.

Any hitches? Well, you need to see if your uni accepts gap years. We don’t take deferred applications because it gives a student an advantage over those applying next year, but other places do. If you can’t get a deferred place you simply need to apply early next cycle and arrange with your school to give you a reference and your form can be all ready to go. But do check if you may be needed for interviews etc and see what you can do about it.

Happy globe trotting!

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