All work and no play?
December 20, 2011, 11:44 am
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This week is exam week. Students find it very stressful, but it’s also a busy time for staff with invigilation and marking. There have also been a number of e-mails or knocks on the door: “Can you explain this?”, “I don’t understand how to calculate that – can you show me?”, and most frustrating of all “I’ve just found that I’ve lost my handout from lecture 2, can I get another copy?”

The best way to get help is to prepare well in advance. Asking your teacher or your tutor the day before is usually a bit too late as you may find that they are busy. Besides, with so much on your mind you’ll probably have a job remembering it anyway. Another tip – attend classes and do your homework and assignments – you’ll find everyone is much more willing to help if you’ve already shown that you’ve tried your hardest. And if things do go pear-shaped, it’s not the end of the world. (Why do we describe bad things as going pear-shaped? I quite like pears!). There are different ways to get back on track, so use the experience to pre-pear you for next time!

But it’s not all work. At the weekend many of our students will all be going home and this week is their last chance to socialise, so there have been a number of events and parties on. Last Friday our drama society put on Swan Lake, The Play and very good it was too. The night scenes in the woods made me quite homesick!

Talking of home, for some of the first years this will be their first time home for nearly 3 months. They’ll be looking forward to it, but will have forgotten that they’ve changed, and the rest of the family has got on perfectly well without them! They are now used to the freedom of looking after themselves, but their parents aren’t yet. One of our cubs had to remind me when they were late home that I didn’t have a clue how late they were out whilst at uni, and I didn’t worry then! We parents do tend to worry so enjoy your holiday, but try and keep the rest of the family happy as well.

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