Happy New Year?
January 24, 2012, 2:50 pm
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So how has your January been so far?

Let’s face it; it’s rarely the best month is it? The inevitable come down from the Christmas break, the making (and often breaking) of resolutions, the long wait till pay day… ah but there is something about a New Year, a new start, full of promise, opportunity and the chance to improve on past follies.

Thousands of budding students across the UK are anxiously awaiting their offer letters from their chosen universities.  Twitter is full of excited chatter as offers arrive and (perhaps tentative) celebrations begin.  Those with unconditional offers could be tempted to rest on their laurels, however this is not advised.  You’ll always want to do the best possible job and your never know when the qualifications will be called upon.  Even with a degree, employers are still interested in your higher grades.  You want to look back and know that you’ve done your best and afterall, you’ll have the whole summer to relax and enjoy yourself!

Hopefully my past advice has helped some of you to complete exciting applications that have helped you on your path to university.  And for those of you still waiting to hear.. panic not, there are a lot of applications to get through! 

And for those of you who did not receive the happy news you were hoping for, it’s a new year, new start, what can you do differently next time? How can you help yourself and what can you learn from others?  Was this course the right one for you?  Time is your friend and there is more than one road to your destination.


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