The Question of Interviews
February 6, 2012, 12:18 pm
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As the Admissions process continues, Twitter is ‘a buzz’ with excited chatter of offers and interviews.  I thought some guidance might help at this time:

Depending on the Admissions procedure of your selected Universities, some courses may require you to attend an interview at the University.  Other courses simply make their offer based on your application form.  Please do remember that you simply can’t  read too much into whether you are invited or not. 

The interviews can vary greatly in both style and purpose.  For example:
Our Nursing degree holds group interviews where potential students take part in an activity.  The interviewer then assesses each candidate’s ability to work in a group, their interpersonal skills, communication, decision-making and negotiation skills.  After all, these  are key attributes for nurses.  It is also important and useful that candidates ensure they they have an understanding of nursing and the role of the nurse.
On the other hand our Computer Arts applicants are invited for a short informal interview with members of the course team and this gives applicants chance to discuss their portfolio.
Some interviews are conducted over the telephone, so don’t worry if you are unable to travel to the University, they will usually try and make alternative arrangements for you. 

Some final points for those of you being interviewed:

  • Be prepared and be honest
  • Ask questions and listen carefully – remember, this is as much an opportunity for you to find out more about the course as it is for the tutors to find out more about you.
  • Remember to be on time for your interview!
  • Finally, be yourself  

Good Luck!


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